Kaan Travels is a luxury travel agency having an Indo-French base as one of its coveted assets and partners hails from France. Kaan Travels has provided satisfactory service to celebrities, bureaucrats, philanthropists & is a well known connoisseur in matters of deluxe travel in countries like France, India & Japan.

Our Philosophy

Kaan Travels is known to add grace to your journey whenever you are afield. Whether it is asea or ranged, your travel plans always find the prefect ending with us insuring your best interests for future travels. We are as we suggest, in terms of our tag line as well, “If you can,you must not delay” which has a direct implication on your ability to travel and make the most of your time as you are blessed to be in such a formidable position.

Our Aim

To retain the delicacy in comfortable travel for our guests who like to indulge in  palatable sojourns, sometimes amidst natures magnificent landscapes and at times amuse themselves with sighting man made wonders.

Our Segregation of categories:

We have 3 major categories, namely: SUPER LUXURIOUS, LUXURIOUS & PREMIUM wherein the names are chosen to give a hint regarding their costs and variability in terms of affordability. There are pages assigned to each one of the categories explaining in detail their respective itineraries.

Our method of exchange:

We receive the monetary value of every set of travel itineraries AFTER confirmation of the packages via email and guide our guests to successfully remit to us.